A power-packed superfood, grown organically in Australia. Quinoa means 'grain of the gods', so it deserves a spot in the pantry. The neutral flavour is complemented by earthy undertones, making it nutty and versatile.

The Benefits

  • Contains all nine essential amino acids (complete protein)
  • Supports healthy tissue growth (lysine in protein)
  • Protects bone structure and joint health (magnesium and iron)
  • Promotes healthy digestion and gut health (fibre)

What Goes In

Organic quinoa.

What's Kept Out

Pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

Did You Know?

Did you know your favourite grains could have more pesticide residues than other food? Sadly, some commercial growers treat their crops with high amounts of harmful chemicals that can cause everything from mild skin irritations to serious diseases. Always opt for organic grains; they're not only free of nasties, but they bring impressive health benefits to the table, too.


Harvested in Northern Tasmania.

Hot Tip

Quinoa contains phytic acid, a substance that binds key minerals and minimises their absorption into the body. Always soak your quinoa prior to cooking - this will reduce the phytic acid, and make sure the minerals go exactly where they're supposed to.


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