Only if organic Brazil Nut trees could talk! These tall, strong powerful trees can live up to 1000 years! Native to the Amazon rainforest, they have witnessed the growth and ultimate decline of many ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs who undoubtedly all used its fruits for nourishment.

Organic Brazil nuts are still sourced almost entirely from wild trees in the jungle, by methods largely unchanged for thousands of years. Pods weighing up to two kilos fall from the trees and are gathered and broken to reveal anywhere between ten and forty Brazil nuts in individual shells. The large, long, cream coloured kernels are covered in a thin brown papery skin. At Royal Nut we only select the plumpest, crispiest, meatiest kernels. The flesh has a creamy texture and fresh, sweet flavour.

Nutritional Information:

ENERGY 1371.5kJ 2743kJ
PROTEIN 7.15g 14.3g
FAT, TOTAL 33.2g 66.4g
SATURATED 7.5g 15.1g
SUGARS 1.1g 2.3g
SODIUM 1.5mg 3mg


Brazil nuts

Health Benefits:

Where do we begin! Just one of these nuts packs such a powerful punch! Let's start with selenium, lacking in our Australian and NZ soil and a really important antioxidant for fighting free radicals and maintaining a healthy immune system. Incredibly, Organic Brazil nuts have more selenium than any other food! Just two a day will supply the recommended daily intake. Organic Brazil Nuts contain Vitamin E, and are a source of fibre, thiamin, and naturally low in sugars and sodium. They're a super form of plant protein, calcium and healthy fats. Brazil nuts also contain magnesium, essential for healthy bones and zinc, which also helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

How to Use:

Try chopping and sprinkling them over your cereal or yoghurt, adding them to your salad, roasting them with vegetables or just grabbing a handful as a snack. Brazil nuts can be incorporated in almost any dish to add flavour, texture and nutrients!

Storage Instructions:

Keep refrigerated before and after opening to ensure long-lasting freshness


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